Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boney M - Love For Sale

Profile: Producer Frank Farian created 1975 the studio project Boney M and on the first output "Baby Do You Wanna Bump" he did the spare vocals himself. After first success and enquiries of TV stations, he casted the first line-up: Maizie Williams, Sheila Bonnick, a girl named Nathalie and African Mike. The first really recognized line up soon later was by singers Marcia Barrett and Claudja Berry, model Maizie Williams and DJ Bobby Farrell. The line-up of the group went through numerous changes. After Claudja Berry left the band 1976, Liz Mitchell, a formerly member of the Les Humphries Singers, was brought in and she went on to record Boney M's first LP, Take the Heat off Me. Previously recorded songs with Marcia Barrett on vocals, "Lovin' or leavin'" and "Daddy Cool", were included. The group's pop break came 1978 with "Rivers of Babylon", the second highest selling single of all time in the UK. Meanwhile, three Boney M are on tour: Boney M feat. Bobby Farrell, Boney M feat. Maizie Williams and the only official line-up: Boney M feat. Liz Mitchell (Liz Mitchell, Patricia "Lorna" Foster, Carol Grey and Tony Ashcroft).

Label: IPG, Hansa
Catalog#: 143.007, 28.888
Format: Vinyl, LP

Country: Us
Released: 1977
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco
Credits: Arranged By - Christian Kolonovits , Johann Daansen , Stephan Klinkhammer , Thor Baldursson
Engineer - Fred Schreier , Hartmurt Pfannmüller , John Lund , Michael Lammert
Producer - Frank Farian


A1 Ma Baker (4:10)
Written By - Farian / Reyam / F. Jay
A2 Love For Sale (5:10)
Written By - C. Porter
A3 Belfast (3:40)
Written By - D. Deutscher / J. Ménke / J. Billsbury
A4 Have You Ever Seen The Rain (3:35)
Written By - J. C. Fogerty
A5 Gloria, Can You Waddle (4:00)
Written By - F. Farian / Reyam
B1 Plantation Boy (4:58)
Written By - T. King / F. Jay
B2 Motherless Child (5:00)
Written By - F. Farian / Mitchell
B3 Silent Lover (4:30)
Written By - K. Forsey / F. Farian / F. Jay / Bjorklund
B4 A Woman Can Change A Man (3:34)
Written By - F. Farian / F. Jay
B5 Still I'm Sad (3:42)
Written By - S. Smith / McCarthy

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